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Have fun at RECESS!

Our non-profit agency provides low-income youth with educational and enrichment services.

Explore our services below!


Teacher Helping Student

Private one-on-one and group tutoring is available in Math, Algebra, Reading, and Language Arts to support application, mastery, and improved grades!


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Enrichment Classes

Science Class

We  offer a variety of educational workshops for $10 per class.


All students (1st-8th) are welcome to attend any of these workshops. Each weekly workshop will be 1-3 hours.


These workshops have limited enrollment and spaces are available on a first-come first-serve basis.

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Youth and Family Resources


RECESS will support efforts to combat food insecurity and health access disparities.


We will provide youth and families with 1-on-1 assistance for enrolling into Medi-Cal and CalFresh.


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Homework Help

Interested Student

We offer Homework support in a quiet setting for students to work on their individual homework assignments.

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Friday Night Fun


Gather around with snacks and friends for weekly movie nights at RECESS! 

Have fun at RECESS with board games, card games, and gaming tv consoles...a time for friendly competition with friends!

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