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Reaching Every Child: Enrichment Support Services


to provide educational and enrichment services to underserved youth and access to equitable family resources. 


 for every youth to achieve a sense of confidence, explore their creativity, and receive emotional wellness support.


provide all students with equitable access to educational resources, professionals, and technology.

will gain confidence in the classroom and express their creativity outside of the classroom with the support of our staff at RECESS!


Private one-on-one tutoring is available in Math, Algebra, Reading, and Language Arts to support application, mastery, and improved grades!


Parents and students often gravitate toward one-on-one tutoring because it gives students the individual attention classroom teachers can't always provide.


Youth and Family Resources

We will provide youth and families with 1-on-1 assistance for enrolling into Medi-Cal and CalFresh. Medi-Cal provides families with access to health care and dental care. CalFresh provides families with access to healthy food. Also, we will provide support with referrals or application assistance for other available low-income subsidy programs

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